Recruitment Process

1. Resume delivery  
Send your resume to: It would be better if there is a simple introduction and cover letter in the body of the message ~

2. Interview invitation
We will contact the candidates who have passed the screening within one week to arrange interviews;

3. Interview & offer Interview & offer
We will arrange an interview and we will receive a job offer through the interview.

Job recruitment list

These opportunities look forward to your joining

We are a simple team that accomplishes something that is not easy.

We are a group of enthusiastic and pursuing innovation. We expect to see you in the same way.

CEIBS Train Overseas Sales Specialist

5 college graduates or more

job requirements:

 1. Unlimited majors, have a basic knowledge of English reading and writing, and can easily write English letters;

 2. Willing to challenge sales positions in international logistics and foreign trade, learn and accept new things, and have strong pressure resistance;

 3. Working experience in international trade / foreign trade is preferred.

CEIBS Domestic Sales Specialist

College / Undergraduate over 1 year 3 people Negotiable

job requirements:

1. Love sales positions, be familiar with computer office software operation, have international freight forwarding sales experience, and give priority consideration;

2, able to endure hardships and stand hard work, motivated, have a good team spirit, and strong resistance to stress;

Logistics Manager / Supervisor

Bachelor's degree / 2 years of work experience 2 people Negotiable

job requirements:

1. Have work and life passion, have good ability of expression, communication, self-motivation, cohesion and leadership, and strong resistance to pressure to lead the team to complete the target task.

2. Possess strong market development ability and good teamwork spirit.

3. Experience in regional or sales management is preferred.


Logistics operations

Negotiable salary for 3 or more students

job requirements:

1. Have a basic knowledge of English, familiar with computer operating office software;

2. Careful, serious, practical, and teamwork spirit;

3. Love to think, be willing to discover and solve problems, and have growth thinking.

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