Central European train arrives in Belgrade, Serbian President Alexander Vucic picks up in person

People's Daily Belgrade, December 24th. The China-Europe Railway “Qilu” Hungarian-Serbian Railway special train organized and operated by China Railway Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Railway Group), departed from Jinan, China, and arrived in Belgrade, the Serbian capital for the first time on October 24. . During the special debut, Serbian President Alexander Vucic personally attended the reception and delivered a speech.

In his speech, Serbian President Vucic spoke highly of the arrival of the Chinese and European trains in Serbia for the first time, and expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the Hungarian-Serbian railway construction project. He hoped that the builders of the two countries will carry out the construction carefully and complete the construction of the project with high quality to further promote Serbian trade Development and economic and social progress have made the Hungarian-Serbian Railway a road of friendship, cooperation, and development.

Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce Qian Keming fully affirmed the significance of China and Europe's first train to Serbia. He said that the first train full of materials and equipment for the construction of the Hungarian-Serbian Railway was an important sign of the accelerated construction of the Serbian section of the Hungarian-Serbian Railway. He hoped that the enterprises of the two sides would strengthen communication and cooperation. Serbian economic and social development and the benefit of local people's lives.

This special train was first launched in Jinan, China in late September, and it took more than 20 days to pass through Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other countries. The profound friendship of the Chinese people to the Serbian people has written a brilliant note for the deepening of cooperation between China and Serbia.

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