What to pay attention to when loading LCL

First, what should be paid attention to when consolidating containers?
1. Goods that will seep out dust, liquid, moisture, odor, etc. from the package. Do not put them together with other goods as much as possible. If necessary, use canvas, plastic film or other materials to separate them.
2. Goods of different shapes and packages should not be packed together as much as possible.
3. Light weight goods are placed on relatively heavy weight goods.
4. Liquid goods and cleaning goods should be placed under other goods as much as possible.
5. The goods with weak packing strength should be placed on the goods with strong packing strength.
6. Goods with sharp corners or protruding parts need to be covered to avoid damage to other goods.
Pay attention to container loading:
1. When the packing rate reaches 90%, you must be cautious when packing.
2. After the container is dragged in, check it first, check the box number with the container paper, keep the lead seal handed to you by the driver, and write down the lead seal number.
3. In any case, when the goods are packed in containers, the weight of the goods in the boxes cannot exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, that is, the total amount of the container minus the weight of the container. Under normal circumstances, the total weight and self-weight will be marked on the container door.
4. The unit weight of each container is fixed, so when the same kind of cargo is loaded in the box, as long as the density of the cargo is known, it can be determined whether it is heavy or light.
5. When loading, the load on the bottom of the box should be balanced, and the situation where the center of gravity of the load is at one end is strictly prohibited.
6. Avoid generating concentrated loads. For example, when loading heavy goods such as machinery and equipment, the bottom of the box should be covered with padding materials such as wooden boards to spread its load as much as possible.
7. When using manual loading, pay attention to whether there are loading and unloading instructions on the packaging, such as "not upside down", "horizontal laying", and "vertical laying". Be sure to use the loading tools correctly. Hand hooks are not allowed for packed goods. The cargo in the box should be neatly and tightly packed. It is easy to loosely pack and package fragile goods. Use liners or insert plywood between the goods to prevent the goods from moving inside the box.
8. When loading pallets, it is necessary to accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the container and the external dimensions of the cargo package in order to calculate the number of pieces to be loaded in order to minimize the number of discards and load more cargo.
9. The carton is not a standard part. Before loading the cabinet, actually measure the size, and don't just rely on the original data of the carton factory. And in many cases, the carton containing the goods will be slightly raised in the middle than the side. Therefore, it is prudent to keep a gap of about two centimeters around the inside of the container when calculating.

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